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What is #Seppo?

#Seppo empowers you to publish short texts and images and to network in the Social Web.

By renting commodity webspace and placing one file. Without you being subject to terms and conditions. And without having to fret about small print or tech lore, but have a life.

How is that possible, that's complicated, right?

Allow me the comparison with cycling: Building a bike is hard and only few can do that. But riding one is feasible for many. In the same way, it takes a lot to responsibly operate (let alone build) an entire internet-server. And the more complicated, the more difficult to operate and maintain.

The way out is to reduce, omit secondary things and make housekeeping smooth and safe. For both, human and machine.

What can I say with #Seppo?

Everything permitted by law. Be kind.

As you operate #Seppo yourself, you are obliged to nobody but public law only. Because you don't need assistence, nobody else has a say. This way the simplicity of #Seppo is a core feature - along with the Social Web / #Fediverse / ActivityPub integration.

What is one's own bike on the internet

  1. independent operation without outside help (apart from renting web space),
  2. 'ownership' of the space & name (rented),
  3. freedom of expression (German Grundgesetz, Article 5), i.e. there are no restrictions through general terms and conditions or other terms of use, third-party codes of conduct or similar. Local laws of server location and place of residence apply,
  4. few functions, just sufficient for post & like of texts, pictures,
  5. no maintenance (no security updates necessary), simple deactivation by deleting files.

What do I have to do?

  1. rent webspace with domain & ssl e.g. at for EUR 2,50 per month,
  2. download Seppo.Social/Linux-x86_64 and put seppo.cgi there,
  3. set file permissions (chmod) to readonly+execute for all (numeric 555),
  4. visit http://<>/seppo.cgi


So what now?

Until #Seppo can dogfood itself at @demo@Seppo.Social you have to resort to Seppo.Social/sourcecode


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